Suggested Reading

readingThese books are recommended for intended parents and surrogates. The below mentioned books can either be purchased at your local bookstore or obtained from your community library.

  1. Choosing Assisted Reproduction: Social, Emotional, & Ethical Considerations
    by Susan Lewis Cooper and Ellen Sarashon Glazer (Hard Cover, 1998)
  2. Conceiving Luc: A Family Story
    by Liza Freilicher, Jennifer Scheu and Suzanne Wetanson; (Hard Cover, 1999)
  3. Between Strangers: Surrogate Mothers, Expectant Fathers, and Brave New Babies
    by Lori B. Andrews; (Hardcover, 1989)
  4. Surrogate Parenting Overvoid
    by Amy Zuckerman; (Hardcover, 1988)
  5. Surrogate Motherhood: Conception in the Heart
    by Helena Ragone, (Paperback, 1994)
  6. In Vitro Fertilization: The ART of Making Babies
    by Geoffrey Sher, Virginia Marriage Davis, and Jean Stoess; (Paperback 2005)
  7. Have Womb; Will Travel: The true story of how a Dutch Israeli couple used eggs from Kiev and found a surrogate in Montana over the Internet without using an agency.
    by Renee van Oostveen and Maya Ellis; (Paperback, 2008)
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